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Helping Women and Men Over 50 Improve the way they Look, Feel, and Move

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Problems We Help Solve...

Looking older than you are

Fitting better in your clothes and having the appearance of being youthful and energetic is important.


The way you feel about yourself

Stop feeling old, weak, vulnerable, out of shape, getting fat, and muscles becoming mushy.

Physical movement restrictions

Relieve stiff achy muscles that don't move well from not having a plan or accountability.  Moving well is important for quality of life. 

Feel the Experience, know the difference

At Clear Results Fitness we know you want to be confident, strong, and injury free especially as you age.  In order to do that you need to have the right fitness program.  

The problem is, most are watching random videos or buying magazines from the grocery store which can leave you feeling dissatisfied and confused.  We understand your frustrations and believe there is a better way.  

Its not fair the pandemic has created limitations, leaving us feeling stuck without support until now.  Get started today!





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How to Become the Best Version of You...

Learn from experts on what will help you reach your goals.

Look Better

Weight management is the best way to ensure your clothes fit and your help raise your confidence.  We help achieve that with accountability of good habits. 

Feel Better

Soft tissue restriction and pain can cause problems with performance, sleep, and mood.   We use stretch and neuromuscular therapy techniques to restore  the body. 

Move Better

Custom program design and coaching ensure an exclusive experience that many clients look forward to and rave about. 

What  are Clients Saying

“Tim is an amazing therapist and coach.  He has a unique ability to solve muscle pain.  I have used his Neuromuscular work to help me many times (and will continue).  I'm a very active person and had pain issues with my lower back, hip, and legs.  After resolving those problems, now back on a fitness program, I'm now back on a fitness program, also designed by Tim.   I highly recommend his services if you are in need of muscle pain relief or fitness program. 

- Daniela B

"I brought the problem to Tim due to his extensive knowledge of Neuromuscular Therapy.  It has made a major difference!  I no longer have hip and back pain awakening me during the night nor nagging pain during the day.  Tim’s technique is methodical and deliberate in assessing the genesis of my problem, which was obscure, and he was effective in treating the dysfunctional muscles."

- D Hanson

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